AntiRSI is a program for Mac OS X that helps prevent RSI (repetitive strain injury) and other computer related stress. It does so by forcing you to take regular breaks, yet without getting in the way. It also detects natural breaks so it won't force too many breaks on you.


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Version 3.0.1

available in Mac App Store

  • AntiRSI can be removed from the Dock and appear in the menu bar.
  • Break windows appear on all connected displays.
  • Larger break window, screens are no longer 17 inch.
  • Possibility to disable micro pause or work breaks.
  • Improved compatibility with media players.
  • A natural break window (experimental)

If you have ever donated to AntiRSI, please let me know, and I will send you a promo code to get it for free, for as long as I have those available.

Version 2.1

(Snow Leopard Compatible!)

Released: 2009-08-29

  • Fixed Snow Leopard compatibility by using new idle time APIs.
  • Pressing postpone no longer activates app.
  • Better drawing of break window.
  • Take Break Now reads as Continue Break when relevant.
  • Break window now appears on all Spaces.

(thanks to Nicholas Riley and Casey Marshall)

version 1.4

(still 10.4 compatible)

Released: 2005-12-21

AntiRSI is now aware that you were just in a natural workbreak when you click "Take a Break Now". This means the workbreak won't start at zero, but at the time you had been away already. This gives you the opportunity to turn on your iTunes, or do something else, without resetting the break.

AntiRSI is now also distributed as a universal binary, meaning it is MacOSX x86 ready.

It also includes numerous other small tweaks and fixes.


  • Onne Gorter.

Special Thanks

  • Trey Matteson - minor tweaks and smooth updating while in break.
  • Casey Marshall - various contributions
  • Nicholas Riley - postpone button and other contributions

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